Interview on Roboethics (Gianmarco Veruggio, Fiorella Operto)

For those of you who use Facebook, there is a roboethics Facebook group called ‘roboethics’, created by Dr. Gianmarco Veruggio. It hasn’t been too active, partially due to the fact that some of the posts are in Italian and some are in English. But there’s 67 members who joined the group, and I found out about the following roboethics related interviewsfrom it – and later from Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen’s blog, Moral Machines.

Both interviews are from Institute for Religion and Peace (Military Diocese of the Republic of Austria).

Gianmarco Veruggio(CNR-IEIIT Senior Research Scientist, Co-chair of the Roboethics Technical Committee) and Fiorella Operto(President of School of Robotics) was interviewed. In the interview, Veruggio speaks of military roboethics issues, where he strongly voices his concerns.

IRF – Gianmarco Veruggio und Fiorella Operto über ethische Richtlinien in der Robotik.

Some Key Terms for Today (extracted from the interview):

Pinocchio principle : idea that humanoid robots could evolve into humans. The legend embodied in the Pinocchio principle is that reproducing ever more perfectly the human functions coincides with producing a human being.

Veruggio’s take on it is that Pinocchio principle is in itself based on flawed argument, where even if a robot is “endowed with symbolic properties analogous to those of humans, the former would belong to another, different species.”

Definition of Roboethics by Veruggio: “Roboethics is an applied ethics whose objective is to develop scientific – cultural – technical tools that can be shared by different social groups and beliefs. These tools aim to promote and encourage the development of Robotics for the advancement of human society and
individuals, and to help preventing its misuse against humankind….

Robot-Ethics” is studying technical security and safety procedures to be implemented on robots, to make them as much safe is possible for humans and the plant. Roboethics, on the other side, which is my position, concerns with the global ethical studies in Robotics and it is a human ethics.”

Dual use goods and technologies: are products and technologies which are normally used for civilian purposes but which may have military applications.

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