CFP: ECAP2010 – European Conference on Computing and Philosophy

Another Call for Papers that might be of interest to you!

This CFP was brought to my attention by Robert Richards (@richards1000), who is runs a Legal Informatics Blog covering scholarly and professional commentary on legal info systems and communication. (Thank you Robert!)

This time, it’s for the European Conference on Computing and Philosophy.

This interdisciplinary conference covers a wide variety of issues across the spectrum of philosophy and computers, which includes robotics and of course roboethics:

The conference is interdisciplinary: we invite papers from philosophy, computer science, robotics, engineering sciences, social sciences and related disciplines. Computing and thinking are the two sides of the same coin: biocomputing, AI, logic, cognition, ontology, knowledge systems, simulations, robotics, affective computing, epistemology, infoethics, robotethics, history among others, are expressions of the conceptual crossroads between researchers all around the world. ECAP10 will be devoted to the foundations and limits of man-machine interaction. Our thoughts and actions, our perception, imagination, and experience depend more and more on informational, computational, and robotic systems with increasing complexity and autonomy. What are their epistemic, ethical, and societal challenges for the future of mankind? ECAP10 will promote scholarly dialogues on all aspects of this computational & informational turn of society and the use of computers and robots in the service of philosophy. 
Part of the conference is a guided tour in the Center for New Technologies in the Deutsches Museum at the occasion of the exhibition “Artificial Life in Practice? – An Exhibition on Robotics”and Robot Demonstrations in the Research Laboratory of Robotics (Technische Universität München).

If you are interested in submitting a paper, the abstract is due April 7th 2010. The conference itself will take place from October 4th to 6th 2010 in Germany.

My short post does not do justice to their wonderfully informative website. Please visit ecap10@TUM for more detail on the CFP and the conference.


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