We Robot 2015: Call for Papers


It’s official. We Robot 2015 conference will take place in Seattle next year, April 10-11, 2015 and your abstracts are due Nov. 3rd.

In case you haven’t come across the conference before, We Robot is a conference that has been spearheading a lot of the recent discussions on the topic of roboethics. It is also one of the annual conference that strives to be inclusive of legal scholars, philosophers, and designers.

When I attended the first We Robot conference that took place at the University of Miami, I was quite surprised at the format of the conference, which is quite different from your typical engineering conferences. At robotics conferences, such as ICRA or IROS, each presenter presents their own work within a 15~20 minute window followed by a short question period. We Robot takes on a format that emphasizes the discussion component much more so than the presentation. In fact, if you submit a paper to this conference, you are not the one presenting it — a discussant assigned to you will briefly present it to the audience on your behalf, followed by a thorough discussion about the paper that you will be an active part of.

It’s also a much smaller conference than the mammoth-sized multi-track conferences some roboticists may be more used to. The small and discussion oriented nature of the conference has built a tight-knit community that, if you attend, you’ll get to meet and know a big portion of the academics that are actively contributing to the field of roboethics.

Hoping to contribute to the discussion of roboethics? Take a look at the call for papers on the We Robot 2015 website.


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